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Heat Transfer Special Effect Foils

Bump up the impact with special effects heat transfer foils. Use with EasyWeed Adhesive.

How to use:
- Mirror Image your design just like you would when using EasyWeed Vinyl and cut on your cutter adhesive side up. Weed to remove excess adhesive. Placing on a
dark surface makes it easier to see cut lines when weeding.
- Place your weeded adhesive on your garment and apply heat for a couple of seconds. Peel hot.
- Cut a piece of heat transfer foil larger than the weeded design.
- Place over the adhesive, cover with Kraft paper or a reusable cover sheet and press at 300F/149C for 10 seconds with firm pressure. PEEL COLD

When you peel the foil, the foil will only adhere to the adhesive.

Special effects:
If you press the foil again, it will diminish the mirror like finish to a more matte finish..
If you crumble the foil and then smooth it out before pressing, you will get a distressed look.
Create multi-color look with two colors of foil. Crumple the first foil color and apply. Let cool and PEEL COLD. Lay the next color over top the existing foil application. Press and peel cold. The second color will fill in the voids of the first foil left by the distressing.

Recommended Fabrics:
100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Cotton/Poly Blend

Turn garments inside out to launder
Wash in cold water on delicate cycle.
Hang to dry
Do not use Bleach
Do not Iron over design

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