Polished Chrome Finish Vinyl

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This polychrome  vinyl has a smooth, brilliant mirror-like finish. It cuts like a dream and is easy to weed due to the strength of the bond to the carrier sheet.

TIP:  Be careful to cut just deep enough to cut the vinyl and barely score the carrier sheet else a layer of the carrier paper may come away with the vinyl from the cavities of your design when weeding.

Your design will lift very easily from the carrier sheet and bonds well to flat smooth surfaces.  It can be used on uniform curved surfaces like a wine bottle or coffee mug, but may be more challenging to conform to a tapered curved surface like a wineglass because the chrome finish is slightly more rigid than Oracal 651.

This is a permanent adhesive vinyl with outdoor durability up to 5 yrs.

 Recommended Transfer Tapes:    R-Tape AT-65