Heat Transfer Adhesive

Heat Transfer Adhesive

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Create Shining Decorations For Less!
Use heat transfer adhesive with foils to create a trendy style without breaking the bank. It can also be used to fuse fabric to create applique designs.

The milky colored adhesive has a pressure sensitive carrier and low application temperature.  Weeding on a dark surface will provide the best visibility.

Actual Width:  11.88"

Watch this video for  the two step process to apply screen print foils using heat transfer adhesive:

 Cutter Settings:

     Cricut Blade: Standard
    Setting:  Iron-On
    Silhouette Cameo

    Blade: Standard, 3
    Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth
    Speed: 8
    Force: 6

    Brother Scan N Cut

    Blade:  Standard, 2
    Cut Speed:  1
    Cut Pressure: 1

    Adhesive Application instructions (home iron) before applying foil

    • Cut in reverse
    • Weed excess material
    • Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen
    • Cover design with Kraft paper or non-stick cover sheet
    • Place on flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended)
    • Press iron with light pressure (do not slide iron)
    • Press each section of design for 3-5 seconds
    • Peel carrier hot

    Application Instructions (heat press)

    • Cut in reverse
    • Weed excess material
    • Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
    • Apply design at 300°F/149°C
    • Use light pressure for 3-5 seconds
    • Peel carrier hot

    Metal Applies to:

    100% cotton
    Poly/cotton blends
    100% polyester


    Wait 24 hours before 1st wash
    Machine wash warm or cold / mild detergent
    Hang item to dry
    Do not dry clean